To the Columbia Icefields

N Sastatchewan River Alluvial Flats

Saskatchewan Glacier Lake

The famous Athabasca Glacier and Columbia Icefields are only 70 minutes driving time from Aurum Lodge, which makes for an ideal day trip into the Northern Banff Park, up to the boundary of Jasper Park. Along this stretch of the Icefield Parkway, you will be following the upper reaches of the North Saskatchewan River (top left) almost to its source at the Saskatchewan Glacier (left centre) at the big bend.

Wilcox Pass – Mt Athabasca & Glacier

Most visitors pass by impressive Panther Falls (lower left) without knowing it’s there, in the rush to get to the Icefield Centre. Parker Ridge, Wilcox Pass and Nigel Pass are rewarding hikes in the area around Sunwapta Pass and one or the other can be combined with a trip to the glacier. Highly recommended and a favourite of our guests are the guided icewalks arranged by

Panther Falls

Athabasca Glacier Guided Walk

Athabasca Glacier Ice Walk