Landslide Lake

Mid July is an excellent time to hike into some of the higher elevations once the snow has gone and the wildflowers are out in profusion. A favourite of ours is the trail to the pass overlooking Landslide Lake and the Whitegoat Wilderness.


This hike starts from Hwy 11 at 4,500 feet (1'360 M) and rises to the alpine at 8,200 feet (2'480 M), traversing many different habitats from the montane and aspen forests in the lower valley, across avalanche slopes into lush subalpine fir stands, passing some impressive krueppelholz clusters before reaching the alpine meadows blanketed in wildflowers.

The trail is very steep, with an elevation gain of 3,700 feet (1,100 M) and therefore only recommended for those who are reasonably fit. While the ascent is steady and slow, coming down is hard on your legs and knees and probably worse than the climb up.

However, the view at the top is unsurpassed, as you scan the horizon from Whirlpool Point Ridge (south) down to the silver bands of the North Saskatchewan River and Hwy 11 leading to the Crossing (west). Landslide Lake is far below and the Cline River Valley and Whitegoat Wilderness can be seen to the North. Lichen covered rocks and small alpine plants cover the ground and Bighorn Sheep can often be seen in the area.

Landslide Lake is one of the more popular two day trips in the region and can be reached from the Cline River estuary as well. The hike to the pass and back can be done in one day though.