Whirlpool Point

Whirlpool Point takes its name from a large whirlpool seen on the right in the lower photo. Here the North Saskatchewan River makes a 90 degree turn and flows over a hard rock layer. Resulting currents can be tricky to navigate which is why we recommend the use of an experienced guide familiar with the ever varying conditions on the river.

The lower photo shows a movie set during production of the native film “The Dreamkeeper” which included scenes from Whirlpool Point and Crescent Falls in the Bighorn.

Numerous other movies as well as commercials have been made in this area because it is so scenic and wild.

Some fine examples of limber pines can be found at this site and on Whirlpool Ridge, which is also home to a resident herd of mountain sheep.

The majestic gnarled and weathered limber pines in this location are thought to be among the oldest trees found in Alberta.