Coral Creek and Coral Ridge

Coral Ridge is on the southern section of Mt. Stelfox, the long mountain, which rises behind the Whitegoat Lakes. It got its name from an abundance of fossilized corals, which can be found in the rocks at the top – rocks which at one time were formed at the bottom of the ocean.

Shell fossil.

With most of the Front Ranges consisting of limestone and other sedimentary rocks, this is by no means the only place where fossils can be found and there are many more accessible sites, such as Hoodoo Creek and exposed rock ledges along Abraham Lake.

No trail leads to the top of Coral Ridge and orientation becomes difficult once you leave the Coral Creek trail and start your ascent from the far side of the mountain. An abundance of deadwood left by past fires and storms makes this outing a real bush-whacking experience in the middle section.

As you gain elevation and get onto the southern ridge (top photo), a magnificent vista of the Cline River Valley and the Whitegoat Peaks is followed by more spectacular views of Lake Abraham and the Whitegoat Lakes area, when you get to the top.

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