Windy Point Ridge

A deep rock cut where Highway 11 turns a corner along the lake marks Windy Point, aptly named for the sometimes extreme winds which funnel out of the valley and the mountains at this location. This is also a favourite place for mountain sheep which can often be seen along the road in the vicinity.

A parking lot on the lake side is accessed by a gravel road and provides some great vistas. Across, on the west side of the highway, the trail onto Windy Point Ridge provides even better views with every step that you climb uphill. Look for interesting karst formations (eroded limestone rock) and some fine examples of the gnarled limber pines with their large cones.

This is a steep and rocky scramble for the surefooted only. The rockface beside the little lake is often used by climbing instructors from the Centre for Outdoor Education to introduce visitors to rock climbing.