Mt Michener

Mountain Sheep with Mt Michener in the background.

Named after a former Governor General of Canada, Mt Michener is one of the more prominent landmarks in the valley and can be seen from afar as you head towards the mountains from Nordegg.

Looking across Abraham Lake from Mt Michener Viewpoint the first mountain range of the Front Ranges can be clearly seen. The sharp edge on the east side of this mountain marks the MacConnell Thrust Fault, a major fault line along the Eastern Slopes where rocks more than 500 million years old were pushed up and above the much younger and softer formations of the foothills.

Mt Michener with its distinct pyramid shaped peak (one of two peaks) makes an interesting backdrop for any photo or painting along the lake. In mid and late winter, when Abraham Lake is frozen, access to the mountain is easiest.

Climbing Mt Michener is a fabulous experience rewarded by some majestic views as you look over the foothills to your east and into the main ranges to the west. This is serious mountaineering and the ten hour tour should only be undertaken by those experienced and fit. Guides from the Centre for Outdoor Education in Nordegg will take you to the top, right from the doorstep of Aurum Lodge.