Allstones Creek / Allstones Lake and Peak

As the David Thompson Highway dips down to the lake you reach the trail head for Allstones Lake and Creek, two very different but rewarding hikes.

The view from the creek estuary across Abraham Lake and towards the Front Ranges is one of the best.

While the hike along the creek bed is shorter and more of a scramble in and out of the creek until blocked by a waterfall, the trail to the summit is a relentless and steep climb through the forest. This is a very popular trail and as you approach tree line and traverse the side of the hill, the views are quite stunning. Allstones Lake itself, depending on season, is more of a large puddle, but the extra half hour to the peak is well worth the effort and provides spectacular views of Allstones Lake and the First Range, Abraham Lake and Bighorn Dam with the entire foothills.

Right below you are the scars of a 1980 mud slide along mud creek.