Crescent Falls & the Bighorn River

Two 30 meter, horseshoe shaped waterfalls in succession mark the start of the 5km long Bighorn Canyon before it meets up with the North Saskatchewan River downstream. The falls were created by harder sandstone layers covering soft shale and coal seams and are among the most picturesque in Alberta.

Access is via a six km gravel road from Hwy 11 at the Bighorn Indian Reservation. Leave your vehicle at the canyon lookout at km 3 and hike upstream to the falls – a winding trail along the valley through dense old growth forest rich in wildlife.

Upstream from the falls various trails lead into Bighorn Backcountry.

Although this entire region is critical wildlife habitat, the area surrounding Crescent Falls and to the north and east of the Bighorn Valley has been turned over to ATV use or the resource industry in recent years, which will result in irreversible ecological damage to one of the last undisturbed montane / foothills habitats of the Eastern Slopes.