About Eco-tourism

Ask five people about the definition of Eco-tourism and you will likely receive five different views. There exists no generally accepted definition today!

All tourism activity has an impact on the environment, culture and social structures of the area involved.

We believe eco-tourism to be the conscious effort of both hosts and guests to reduce the adverse impacts of traveling to / in natural areas, thus ensuring minimal damage or alterations to habitats and the indigenous ecosystems or species diversity. More recent definitions of eco-tourism which also reflect cultural, social and economic values, are included in the term Sustainable Tourism.

The Aurum Lodge Project was started in 1999 with the objective of becoming an environmentally sound operation. We also believe in sustainable tourism.

We have chosen a location in one of the few remaining unspoiled regions on the eastern slopes of the Canadian Rockies. We are committed to keeping it that way, by offering a destination resort which incorporates environmental thinking all the way from design, through construction to management.