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Action Alert  update July 17

Greetings to our friends and guests,

Aurum Lodge is located in the Bighorn region, one of the last primeval areas in Alberta that hasn't been completely bisected by linear disturbances.

Slated for protection back in the mid 1980’s the previous government continuously back-pedaled on their promise, leading to an influx of unsuitable activities ranging from resource extraction to mechanized recreation, random camping, poaching, etc.. 

The Bighorn still is home to healthy wildlife populations.  It is also the headwaters of the North Saskatchewan River where Edmonton and many communities downstream get their water.  

As one of the last foothill and front-range regions which have not been irreparably impacted by unsuitable development, it remains a place where modern day adventurers connect to stunning vistas and find the natural challenges that contribute to our wellbeing. Year over year however, the pressure on this area is increasing and the negative impacts can be seen in many places.

WCS Canada's report * on the Bighorn region makes a strong case that the protection of clean, cold, complex, and connected habitat should be the principle conservation strategy. Indeed, connected habitat that ensures high topographic and environmental diversity from river valleys to mountain peaks is our best bet for protecting all of Alberta’s iconic species and to secure clean water for more than a million users downstream. When we protect watersheds, we tap into our existing natural capital to mitigate the risks associated with a warming climate - risks like increasing frequency of drought, flood, wildfire, and the spread of invasive species.

As tourism operators, we believe that there is room for long term, limited scale, low impact sustainable tourism in the area, which could benefit both the local economy and ecological integrity of the area. Not the “free for all” we are seeing right now and definitely not another Bow Valley or Banff, where development is spiraling out of control, but a controlled development where meaningful and lasting protection comes first, while still providing some access for operators and visitors who respect the land.

We need to speak up and let the government know that this region needs special consideration. We encourage you to consider signing the petition below and sharing as broadly as possible

?If you know of anyone else who believes strongly in supporting the preservation of our wild spaces and our water, please pass the above link on to them.

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