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Activities Packages with Accommodation

  • A1 White Ice - Black Coal summer break (4 nights, full-board for two persons) stay in our anniversary Suite and enjoy some of our favourite guest activities in this comprehensive package. C$ 1,199 plus taxes
  • B1 Winter Wandering in Bighorn Country (2 nights, two persons, full-board)
    from C$ 469 plus taxes
  • Our Winter Escape package is valid December 13, 2014 to April 12, 2015 and includes four nights accommodation, double occupancy in a superior corner room, including breakfast and dinner at C$849 plus taxes.
  • Next summer, join us for the Rest, Ride and Roam package, available June to Labour Day weekend, 2015. Three nights accommodation for two in a standard room, all meals, as well as a four hour steak ride at McKenzies outfitters nearby, for C$ 999 plus taxes.

Photography Packages and instruction at Aurum Lodge

For over ten years, we have hosted photography workshops and tours from our exceptional location. We believe that the events based out of Aurum Lodge are truly unique for a number of reasons, such as:
- operating in a spectacular area with a unique micro-climate and diversity means we spend less time in our vehicles and more time photographing,

- partnering with knowledgeable guides and instructors who know the area inside out and don't just come here once a year to guide a tour...,
- offering all in packages, which include your photography event, accommodation, meals and more, so you know what your cost will be,
- small groups with five to eight participants,
- flexible tour itineraries, which allow us to work around and make the best of ever changing mountain weather, trail conditions, and locations. Workshops will be more structured to allow for relevant contents to be covered,
- we do not concentrate on the well known icons of the Rockies, but will introduce you to the hidden secrets of our valley, far from the crowds of Banff and Lake Louise, but just as varied and beautiful.

Why spend extra money to join a small group or private tour rather than venturing out on your own?? Here are some of the benfits:
- Tours and workshops are fun as you meet likeminded people and can learn a lot not just from your guide / instructors but also from other participants,
- No need to worry about where to go when or what is the best time of day for a specific location or subject,
- No need to spend a fair bit of time to scout out different locations or learn about local weather, so you can come back when the conditions are good,
- Safety concerns are minimised when working in a group, compared to venturing out on your own (note that you are always responsible for your own saftety but your guides will point out risky areas or situations, which you may not be aware of),
- You get to explore locations you would likely not find on your own (we try to avoid the "icons" which are shown and described in every guidebook...'
- Your chances of returning home with more and different successful images are significantly greater.

Should you book a workshop or a tour?
This depends primarily on your goals / objectives:
- If you feel you would like to learn more about and improve your photography skills, then we recommend you join a workshop. These are a little more money as the instructors are working with the participants ALL the time. The events follow a certain schedule, include formal tuition, assignments, review sessions, etc.. Roughly 50% of your time is for formal instruction with the other 50% in the field, practising what you learnt.
- If you are comfortable with your level of expertise and simply wish to spend maximum time in the field (dawn to dusk!) photographing landscapes and nature, then a tour should be your choice. Tours are less formal, instruction or advice is provided on a more "ad hoc" basis in the field and your guide / instructor will also be spending some time photographing. As a result, costs are generally less.

Our current offering of scheduled workshops and tours is as follows. If you are looking for a specific personalised learning experience, these are also available.

Spring Photography Weekends with Leslie & Mark Degner

"developing your photographic style" – a photography workshop / field trip for ladies and couples, who are keen to learn more about nature photography.  If you have a good handle on how to operate your camera and would like to learn more about subject choice, seeing and composition, these hands-on courses are for you...

  • Developing your own photographic style workshop
    2016 date to be announced. Contact us if you are interested (3 nights)
    Usually end of May.
    C$1,299 + GST single occupancy / C$ 1,149 + GST shared occupancy

Small group photography Tours with Leslie Degner

  • "The other Rockies"   Early Winter Photography Tour
    Thursday, November 18 to Sunday, November 22 2015 (4 nights)
    C$1,499 + GST single occupancy / C$ 1,299 + GST shared occupancy

  • "Winter Mountain Magic"   Winter Photography Tour
    Thursday, January 13 to Sunday, January 17 2016 (4 nights)
    C$1,599 + GST single occupancy / C$ 1,399 + GST shared occupancy

Small Group Photography Tours with Royce Howland  

Note: We recommend booking early! If tours or workshops are fully booked, we suggest you still contact us to be put on a waitlist or receive information as to additional field trips we may be arranging at a future date.

For all packages and photo tours out of Aurum Lodge, we will handle reservations and can answer most of your questions. Note that a reservation is only guaranteed, once a deposit has been received, so call us if you wish to book.

If you are a member of a camera club and interested in organising an exclusive field trip for your group, do let us know.

Darwin Wiggett and Samantha Chrysanthou of oopoomoo.com also offer personalised photo tours or photography instruction in the area for up to four people at certain times of the year if the timing of the regular group tours do not work out for you, if you prefer a more private setting or are looking at specific techniques or mastering more complex equipment such as tilt-shift lenses. Why not use your next vacation to include a learning experience and improve your nature / travel photography skills?!

Remember:  there are 1001 reasons for this place of all seasons...