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Activities Packages with Accommodation

Ladies' Photography Weekends with Leslie & Mark Degner

  • "girls only" photo events – photography workshop / field trips for ladies who are keen to learn more about nature photography.  If you would like to spend more time taking pictures but have always felt intimidated by tech talk and bulky gear, these hands on courses are for you...
  • Thursday, 5th June 2014 to Sunday, 8th June 2014 (beginners to intermediate level)
    Spots available
  • Thursday, 3rd July 2014 to Sunday, 6th July 2014 (intermediate to advanced level) NEW
    Spots available

Small Group photography tours and workshops with oopoomoo (Darwin Wiggett/Samantha Chrysanthou)

  • Ew Winter Discovery Photo Adventure tour with Darwin Wiggett and Samantha Chrysanthou of oopoomoo
    Coming soon. Register with oopoomoo.com to be the first to know...
    Ew1 = Thursday, 15th January 2015 to Sunday, 18th January 2015

    NEW Ew2 = Thursday, 5th February 2015 to Sunday, 8th February 2015

  • NEW E5 = "Coal Mines, Canyons and the Canadian Rockies" -
    HDR Photography Workshop with Darwin Wiggett / Samantha Chrysanthou and guest instructor Royce Howland - Thursday, 29th May 2014 to Sunday 1st June 2014 (three nights)
    filling up fast!  

  • E4 = Fall Photography Workshop with Darwin Wiggett / Samantha Chrysanthou - Tuesday, 23rd September 2014 to Sunday 28th September 2014 (five nights)
    FULLY booked, waitlist only 

  • "Beyond the Icon" Nature Photography Workshop with Darwin Wiggett / Samantha Chrysanthou - Tuesday, 21st October 2014 to Sunday 26th October 2014 (five nights)
    spots available

  • E5 = "Fire and Ice" Photography Workshop with Darwin Wiggett / Samantha Chrysanthou - Tuesday, 4th November 2014 to Sunday 9th November 2014 (five nights)
    spots available  

Small Group Photography Tours with Royce Howland  

Fall / Autumn photography tour with Royce Howland
E4x = Tuesday, 30th September 2014 to Sunday, 5th October 2014

spots available

NEW  Winter mountain photography tour with Royce Howland
Saturday, 24th January 2015 to Wednesday, 28th January 2015
(4 nights)
spots available

Note: We recommend booking early! If tours or workshops are fully booked, we suggest you still contact us to be put on a waitlist or receive information as to additional field trips we may be arranging at a future date.

Reservations for the 2014 oopoomoo photo workshops should be made through oopoomoo.   For all other packages and photo tours out of Aurum Lodge, we will handle reservations and can answer most of your questions. Note that a reservation is only guaranteed, once a deposit has been received, so call us if you wish to book.

If you are a member of a camera club and interested in organising an exclusive field trip for your group, do let us know.

We can also offer personalised photo tours or photography instruction in the area for up to four people at certain times of the year with a professional photographer (if the timing of the regular group tours do not work out for you, or if you prefer a more private setting). Why not use your next vacation to include a learning experience and improve your nature / travel photography skills?!

Remember:  there are 1001 reasons for this place of all seasons...